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Posted by Tim Foster on Jun 3, 2020 1:11:00 PM



If you're in the planning stage for a build of any kind, a 3D home design as offered by BDS Architecture makes an excellent investment. Interior and exterior 3D home design renderings allow you to see the full scope of your project, visualising the final build in a way regular plans simply can't. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Is A 3D Home Design?

The 3D home designs we offer are a complete 3D CGI architectural visualisation of your build. We use state of the art gaming software to render the interior and exterior of your build in exacting detail. Once the rendering is complete, you can have it projected, see it on a monitor, or even have a fully immersive tour using a VR headset.

There are many benefits to this process - the first of which is that it allows you to make incremental changes easily, and to see the results without needing to re-draw plans. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but with 3D rendering, you can see the results of changes without needing to alter the course of a build.

Then there's timescale and affordability. Using advanced software from the gaming industry, we're able to take advantage of industry developments without shouldering the cost, which means a cheaper service for you. Our advanced understanding of the programs we use also means that we can render and alter plans both quickly and easily.


How The Process Works

We make the process as easy, affordable, and efficient for you as possible. It begins in the planning stage with a period of extensive consultation through which we'll learn about the build. This is where we take notes of your requirements, the layout of the build, the overall aesthetic you're looking for, and other key details.

With that information we'll create the 3D render of the build, before calling you back to give you the guided tour of it - either on a screen, projected on a wall, or even through the immersion of a VR headset.

We aim for perfection first time; however, we accept that there are often going to be changes required to truly meet the vision you have in your mind. We'll work with you to alter the rendering until you're finally happy - after that, we can set about using the rendering to make more detailed architectural plans to proceed with the build.

Contact BDS Architecture to learn more about 3D rendering your build today.


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