Why Hire An Architectural Designer - What’s Involved?

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jan 21, 2020 11:36:00 AM

If you’re considering building your own home or adding an extension to your existing property, you need to hire architectural designers.

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Can You Build On Top Of A Single Storey Extension

Posted by Tim Foster on Jan 16, 2020 10:38:00 AM

If you’ve already added a single-storey extension to your home, you might be wondering whether it’s legally or logistically possible to convert it to a double-storey extension. In many cases, it’s perfectly fine, but before you start budgeting or discussing plans with a builder or architect, there are several things you’ll need to consider.

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Calculating Foundation Depth For Two Storey Extensions

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jan 13, 2020 10:19:00 AM

Foundations are undoubtedly the most important part of a building, and there are strict regulations in place to ensure foundations are adequate for the type of building or extension being proposed. If you are having a two-storey extension added to your home, it is absolutely critical that the foundations are done correctly. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this, so let's look at the factors that need to be considered.

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Can I Convert My Single Storey Extension To A Double Storey Extension?

Posted by Tim Foster on Jan 6, 2020 3:43:35 PM

When you think about renovating your home, you might not immediately consider extending a previous building project. However, this option is a flexible and creative one that can help to provide you with the extra space that you desire and bring your design vision to life. In addition, when you convert a single-storey extension to a double storey, it can add significant value to your property and increase interest from future buyers.

Before you begin planning this addition, it's crucial that you ascertain whether your single-storey extension is fit for converting into a two-storey one. There are a few key steps that can help you acquire the necessary information quickly and easily.

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Single Storey Vs Two Storey Extensions - Which Is Best For My Home?

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 30, 2019 2:56:00 PM

If you're considering extending your living space, there are a number of different options, from cost-effective loft extensions to conservatories and orangeries. Two of the most popular kinds of extensions are single storey and two storey extensions; which of these is best for you will depend on your budget, your home, and your long-term plans.

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How Do I Know If My Loft Can Be Converted?

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 28, 2019 9:58:00 AM

A growing family can mean that your home is becoming cramped without a sufficient number of bedrooms and limited family space. If your property has a loft, you may be able to utilise that redundant space to solve your problem by having a loft conversion.

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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Extension Drawing Services For You

Posted by Tim Foster on Dec 20, 2019 12:04:54 PM

Choosing the right extension drawing services is essential for any project. The drawings are the basis on which the whole project is formed, so it's of the utmost importance that they're accurate and professionally created. When asking "who offers the best extension drawing services near me?" - how can you be sure you're working with the best?

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3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your House Extension

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 10, 2019 11:27:00 AM

Building an extension is expensive. Even the design stage can cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds. If your budget is tight and you're desperate to save cash, you may think: 'I'll just do it myself - how hard can it be to design an extension to my house?' Sadly, many people who've gone down this route quickly learn that, without having the knowledge and experience of a professional architectural company, it's very easy to get things wrong. Even seemingly minor mistakes can have a major impact on the entire building project.

If you do want to design your own house extension, be aware of these common pitfalls:

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Are You Looking For The Perfect Home?

Posted by BDS Architecture on Dec 5, 2019 2:10:20 PM

Are you looking for the perfect home? As BDS Architecture, we can make your dream your reality!

We are a small, local family business, and we’ve been transforming homes in the Derbyshire area for over 15 years!

We’re an all-inclusive home development company and we work with you from the very beginning to create and build your ideal home.

First established 20 years ago by Tim Foster, an experienced designer with a construction background, BDS Architecture employs a team of dedicated, expert architectural designers, and works with a wide network of planning teams, builders and surveyors - all aspects of your home development plan are covered by BDS!

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How To Know Which Architectural Designer To Use For Your Self-Build Project In Derby? (Clone)

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 5, 2019 12:20:38 PM

When looking for an architectural designer for your self-build project, how do you know which one to choose? Chances are this is the first time you’ve ever commissioned an architectural designer and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s the first time you’ve planned to have a new home built or an extension added to your existing property.

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