9 Stunning Contemporary House Extension Design Ideas

Posted by Tim Foster on Feb 11, 2022 1:32:06 PM

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If you happen to be in the market for a house extension right now and are looking for something a bit more innovative and creative than those brick and glass single storey extensions that most of your friends seem to have signed up to, then take a look at some of the following house extension design ideas. We can’t take credit for these particular examples – which were all designed by other architects – but it does illustrate the possibilities for an extension when you work with an architectural designer like BDS.

Some of the following ideas are pretty spectacular, others totally unique (see the sunken Japanese bathroom) – but each and every one is a fabulous use of space backed up by clever design:

1) Gable End Extension

A very smart way of extending the size of this ex-local authority 1960s end terraced property in London, the architect was keen to retain the mid-century appearance and didn’t want the extension to overshadow the rest of the property.

So, instead of adding a straightforward one or two storey extension he has created a pair of brick gables which reduce in size the nearer to the road the building is. This design – based on the concept of Russian Matryoshka dolls - allowed the house extension design to be fitted into an awkward garden shape at the side of the house. Another advantage of using a side extension was that there were no neighbours to object to ‘their access to daylight being blocked.’

Internally, the house extension design is open plan with defined spaces for dining, lounging etc. An overall change to the house is that it is now also possible to see directly to the back garden the minute anyone walks through the new front door entrance. The dining area on the ground floor has an opening directly into the garden. An existing bathroom and bedroom on the first floor have been extended into the new roof space offered by the extension:

bds article 1.jpg

2) A Japanese Sunken Washroom

Definitely a unique touch, the Japanese-style sunken washroom pictured below is part of the extension to a Victorian terraced ground-floor flat in a property in London’s East End. The WC and shower room were separated from the bath and added to a higher level in order to separate the bath and promote the idea of the bath as a tranquil space in which to relax (the residents use the shower for bathing). To add to the calming atmosphere of the bath, bamboo and plants are used generously in the garden which can be viewed from the sunken tub. The room has a glass roof to let in natural daylight while the floor and walls are finished using cement and wooden boards.

The rest of the extension helped to extend the property’s existing kitchen and dining room. It also opened to the garden via floor to ceiling glass doors:

bds article 2.jpg

3) Simple But Effective

When you set out to design an extension it doesn’t have to be elaborate. In fact, it’s the simplicity in the following single storey extension that we really appreciate. The frameless glass roof is supported by hidden steel, giving the entire extension project at this Wimbledon home a frameless glass finish. The sliding glass doors, which provide an instant connection to the garden, are framed in black painted glass:

bds article 3.jpg

Meanwhile, if you fancy a peek deep inside some house extension design projects because you may be looking for styling and furnishing ideas, then take a look at the following impressive examples:

4) Industrial Design Dining

This narrow brick extension with glass roof and panelling on the door to the garden, has stylish touches such as the wall-hanging wine rack and the long narrow wooden bench for uninterrupted seating (which also contains cushions inside for use in the garden).The graphic coloured radiator blends in beautifully with the painted brick wall:

bds article 4.jpg

5) Oriental Extension Design

Revisiting that Japanese washroom idea, here is an eco-style extension which fully embraces the Far Eastern philosophy of simple, uncluttered minimalism. The wooden floor, bamboo walls and greenery promote a tranquil atmosphere. The curved roof and wall give the extension a softer look than geometric straight lines would:

bds article 5.jpg

6) Modern Minimalism

Sunny, light and bright with a feeling of flow, this kitchen/dining single storey extension has been beautifully planned, making each area work as efficiently as possible. Glass walls and a partial glass ceiling reflect the white work surfaces, making everything super-bright when the sun’s out:

bds article 6.jpg

But then, what if it’s just particular elements of house extension design that you happen to be interested in learning about? Narrowing things down even further, here are some contemporary ideas we believe are certainly worth considering when it comes to your new house extension design.

7) Pivoting Patio Doors

Rather than sliding or folding glass patio doors, the pivoting version is the must-have item in this category today. They make less noise than sliding doors, are less likely to get stuck and are far easier to use than bi-fold doors. We also like the fact it’s easy enough to get a minimalist frame design:

bds article 7.jpg

8) Exposed Roofing Joints

Whether they are made from timber for a cosy country cottage/rustic look, or black metal for an industrial design feel, exposed roofing is very much ‘in’ for those of us looking to design an extension. They certainly help emphasis the height of the roof, as well as add a nice decorative touch:

bds article 8.jpg

9) Lighting Up Your Extension

Another important area of house extension design is the lighting – and we don’t just mean where you’re going to put the glass walls and transparent ceiling panelling. No, with LED lighting it seems anything is possible. Highlighting kitchen islands, glass cabinets and, in fact, almost any area of your extension you like, is all perfectly possible – and can lead to dramatic results.

As far as extension designers today are concerned, lighting is very much an integral part of an extension project and can heavily influence the design:

bds article 9.jpg

Images via e-architecture, Dezeen magazine

Get inspired For YOUR House Extension

We hope the above ideas have whetted your appetite for carrying out more research for your house extension design. Here at BDS Architecture we can also help in that regard by giving you free access to our popular online publication, The Ultimate Guide To Expanding Your Living Space. We can also provide a free, no obligation design consultation to show you the extension potential of your own home. Call us on 01332 830 313 to arrange a convenient time. 

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