So, Who Is Going To Design Your Brand New Extension?

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 29, 2018 9:18:05 AM

So who is going to design your brand new extension

When it comes to envisioning how to design your new extension, the range of choices for the entire project can be downright overwhelming. There is a notion that architects and architectural designers are only hired for grand estates or public buildings, but this is a misconception. An architect can assist you to make the most out of your personalised house extension or renovation project, no matter the size. They can assist from the design stage through to construction, often advising and helping you save money in the process.

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Where To Look

The first step involves hunting for the right architect to help you realise your plan. You may conduct online searches, choose from word of mouth referrals, check out leads in design magazines or online reviews. As soon as you have a selection of firms or architectural designers in mind, the next step would be to interview them and screen for the most appropriate one. Don’t forget to check out Google reviews of your shortlist; you can find great insight there. In your interviews, be clear about your needs, dislikes, timeline, and budget. You can show pictures of designs that you like to present your ideas better.

What To Expect

To make a project successful, approach your options as though you are choosing a partner. Communication and trust will be essential ingredients of a robust relationship and working dynamic.

An architect that’s trustworthy will approximate the completion time for the project accurately, making sure you avoid the costs of delay. As you look through your options, look for the knowledge and experience of an architectural designer who can guarantee you time-proven results, and also engage their skills creatively in your building’s extension. An experienced architectural designer also helps you save time as they can quickly pick out the missing items.

Sample the past projects of the architects and gauge whether their experiences match your vision. Your architect needs to inform you of how much of your time, as a client, will be required during the process. Also, enquire about the details that you, as a client, will receive during the construction phase.

Next, consider the proximity of the architect’s base location to your construction site. Their locality makes them highly accessible. This can be particularly critical to making sure that the timeline of your project is adhered to, and unnecessary delays are avoided.

Overall, the architect will help you with drafting plans, advising on finishes and fixtures, project management and ensuring that the extension project is on time and within budget.

If you need the expertise, experience, and knowledge of an experienced architectural designer to design and help you realise your home extension to budgetary specifications, BDS Architecture can help. A fantastic case study of work successfully completed recently can be found here: Clients have pointed out that they got brilliant results after consulting with BDS architecture. Whether you are a property holder, commercial client or developer, you can find a solution that suits your goals. You get to deal with a qualified and experienced architectural designer that you can trust all the way from the inception to the construction stage.

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