How To Choose A Self Build Architectural Designer For Your Dream Home

Posted by Tim Foster on Apr 18, 2018 2:22:59 PM

How To Choose A Self Build Architectural Designer For Your Dream Home

It’s fair to say that the majority of individuals or couples who finally decide to build their own home aren’t qualified architectural designers. They may have great ideas but when it comes to deciding whether or not they all stack up, getting an architect on board is essential to the overall success of the project.

So, just how do you decide which architect to choose? Well, here’s our tick list of some of the most important considerations when it comes to who will build your dream home for you.

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5 Qualities To Look For In An Architectural Designer

1) Someone you get on with:
It’s important to find someone you feel you can work with. A good relationship with your architect is key so that you can feel comfortable communicating your ideas, with the knowledge that you have been fully understood.

2) An individual or company with relevant experience:
You can expect your architectural designer to have trained for a number of years and be familiar with all aspects of design and construction. That way they can take your initial project brief and come up with a number of design options you can choose from. They will then know how to proceed with the next steps, which include applying for planning permission and complying with Building Regulations.

3) An individual who knows how to manage:
You will need someone to supervise your construction project. Chances are, if you are working full-time to fund your self-build then it’s certainly not going to be you. An architectural designer will help you to organise specialists in particular fields such as engineers, electricians, plumbers and builders to check that the work is completed to standard and in the agreed timescale.

4) An architectural practice that specialises in your needs:
If it’s a low energy eco house that you want to live in, then it makes sense to hire an architectural company that specialises in this sector, for instance, one with an understanding of Passive House or Fabric First techniques. Not only will they have the relevant and updated know-how, ideas and enthusiasm for your project, but they will also have the contacts to source the type of materials necessary for your build.

5) An architect who understands the Self Build process:
This is the type of architectural designer who doesn’t mind spending hours guiding you on a particular technique or aspect of design you’re unsure of. He or she will also be prepared to help you when the going gets tough and you may begin to wonder if you’ve taken too much on.

If you’re about to embark on a self-build project then congratulations – it’s going to be an exciting and entertaining 12 months or so. Just make sure you interview a handful of architectural designers before choosing who your companion on this adventurous journey will be – and don’t forget to speak with us too!

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Meanwhile, find out more about the whole self-build and architectural design process by taking a look through our website, where you will also find our helpful Self Build Guide to help get your started. You can also call us on 01332 830 313.

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