How To Plan Your Dream House Extensions With Home Extension Drawings

Posted by Tim Foster on Sep 20, 2017 3:59:26 PM

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If you’re having trouble visualising your dream house extension, home extension drawings from an architectural designer can help bridge the gap between dreams and reality. In this article we explain what home extension drawings are and the role they play at each stage of your house extension project.


What Are House Extension Drawings?

House extension drawings are the blueprint for your project. They are more than simply sketches of how your extended home will look, although they are that too. They also contain valuable technical information about materials, elevation, sizing ratios, access points and much more. Looking at technical architectural drawings, a building contractor, or official in a council planning office, will be able to visualise exactly what the home is going to look like, and what the process will be getting it from the paper to the plot.

House extension drawings cover the full home, to scale, including details of any remodelling or extension work that accompanies the extension. Aspects include:

  • Front & rear elevation
  • Right and left side elevation
  • Floor plans for each storey

For most house extensions, your drawings will include plans and elevations for your home both before and after the extension.

How To Source House Extension Drawings

There is nothing to stop you drawing your house extension plans yourself, using software you can download cheaply or for free. However, unless you have an architectural background we don’t recommend this, especially if you need to make internal alterations to your home. Most people seek out the services of an architect or an architectural designer when planning their extension. Choosing the right designer is as important as selecting the right building contractor. You have to choose one with the right kind of experience, the ability to listen and the willingness to work within your budget. Look at the designer’s portfolio for similar examples of the type of extension you are considering, and get on the phone to one of their team to find out what they can do for you.

How To Use Your House Extension Drawings

House extension drawings play a vital role in many aspects of the build. The two most important are securing planning permission and managing your building contractor. The better designed and better researched your drawings are, the easier and quicker it will be for you to achieve a successful planning application.

A good house extension drawing will cover all the bases and not leave any questions unanswered. This is one of the reasons it is so important to solicit the help of an experienced architectural designer who understands your local building regulations. The less ambiguity you leave with your application, the less chance it will be rejected or delayed with major modifications.

Detailed technical drawings also help when managing the build itself. Your main contractor will use your house extension drawings as their plan of action to manage the build. It should contain all the information they need to do their job. If the drawings are incomplete or open to interpretation, there is a risk of misunderstanding between you and the contractor, leading to mistakes and delays. This is less of a risk, of course, if you choose an end-to-end design and build service, such as the one we offer at BDS!

Make Your Ideal Home Extension A Reality 

Whatever you need extra living space for, achieving the perfect home extension is a realistic option for homeowners on most budgets. With the right design in place, you will find you can tick all the right boxes without breaking the bank.  Find out more about house extensions, including design ideas, project management, planning applications and budgeting in our free Essential Guide To Extending Your Living space. Download your copy of the e-book by clicking here


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