Don’t Let Architectural & Building Designers Waste Your Money

Posted by BDS Architecture on Dec 9, 2016 12:16:14 PM


There’s no denying that architectural and building designers have been responsible for some of the broadest smiles ever seen. A job done well by these professionals can achieve incredible results and leave a customer or client happy for a very long time.

A big part of this process is managing the designated budget. For the most part, budgets are managed very well and satisfaction is never too far behind. There can be instances however, where costs seem to be continuously rising and that surely won’t sit too well with the paying party.


So how can you be sure that architectural and building designers are putting your money to good use? We’ve compiled a few of the ways budgets can be blown and how to avoid them to make sure that you don’t end up overspending

Potential Downfalls

Making sure everything is set before you begin is a must. Renovations and new buildings can be financially huge operations and you don’t want them to be even more expensive.

Rushing the Design Process

We all want our extensions and conversions expedited to a certain degree. The first step on the road to brand new part of your home is the planning and design stage.

Due care must be taken at this point as failing to include any vital, potentially expensive stages can end up leaving you believing your budget can stretch further than it actually can. The best architectural and building designers will recognise this and ensure that such issues don’t come into play.

Changing the Original Plans

We’ve all decided on a plan of action and changed our mind at some point. The important thing to think about here is your budget though.

Depending on what alterations you or your designer propose, your allocated monetary allowance could be affected greatly. Again, making sure you have everything right at the design stage is pivotal in ensuring your budget isn’t taking a massive hit.

Delays and Stoppages

Of course, delays and stoppages aren’t always going to be the fault of you or architectural and building designers. You do need to be sure though that any people you hire to complete works are capable of sticking to prearranged upon timelines.

Chances are, the longer the process takes, the more you’re going to end up paying out, especially if you are paying certain people by the hour or day. There aren’t too many ways of knowing whether those you’ve hired can stick to set goals but you could ask for references. Remember, you’re in charge here and are well within your rights.

Preventing Wasted Budgets

There are ways you can combat overrunning operations to ensure you’re not paying more than is necessary for your project.

Ensure Honesty and Trust

Any initial meeting you have with architectural and building designers will give you a good idea of how trustworthy they are. Most professionals will be open and honest about costs, timeframes and materials from the start.

Make sure that you have complete trust in a professional and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you feel are relevant, especially where your budget is concerned.

Get Quotations

Quotations and estimates aren’t going to be an exact figure as to how much you’re going to end up paying but should provide a rough idea of how big your budget needs to be for your desired project

Without obtaining a quote before any work starts, you’ll be almost in the dark and not sure in the slightest what the overall price will be. You also have a figure to refer to should there be any disputes further down the line.

Look for Experience and Knowledge

Professionals with proven experience and knowledge of similar projects to your own will know exactly what is required.

This ties in with ensuring honesty and trust as you don’t want somebody to give you an idea of time and money, and then change it a few weeks down the line. This is another aspect where getting references can really help

Building Design Services

You are always at the forefront of our planning and we do everything in our power to ensure that your budget is protected and costs don’t run over.

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