New House Design, Derbyshire

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 11, 2018 10:33:58 AM
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 House Design Visualisation

Toby's Hill (Front View) no car
BDS Architecture Ltd have designed this four bedroom house to replace to an ageing bungalow.  The new house design incorporates a large floor to ceiling window to take in the surrounding view from the interior.

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Elevated View of Proposed Design

Toby's Hill (Higher View Front) no car
This visualisation of the new house design shows an elevated view of the proposed property. 
The visualisation really does bring the drawing to life and it's easy to see how the property and landscaping will work seamlessly together!

Detailed Drawings

These drawings show the layout of the new proposed house and the sections and elevations. The drawings are clearly detailed however the 3D visualisations really bring the design to life!

Toby's Hill NewHouse Design-1


Plan View

Here, the drawing illustrates the overall plan view of the property showing the position of house in relation to the garage and property boundaries.

Toby's Hill Garage Design

These drawings show the sections of the fall of the land and the height relationship between the house and garage. This height relationship is also brilliantly illustrated in the 3D visualisation. 

Toby's Hill Section


The house design has just been submitted to the local council for planning permission. A full set of drawings including plans, elevations and sections must always be submitted however a 3D visualisation drawing further supports a planning submission and can sometimes help the planners better understand the drawings for a more positive outcome.

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