3 Advantages Of Working With A Local Architectural Designer On Your Dream Home

Posted by Tim Foster on Oct 2, 2018 11:00:00 AM

 Advantages Of Working With A Local Architect On Your Dream Home

A local architect plays a vital role in the delivery process of a client’s vision of their dream home. The architect (or architectural designer) must be able to visualise the client’s idea and conceptualise it on paper to enable the building contractor to create the design in bricks and mortar.

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This can only be achieved if there is good three way communication between client, architect and building contractor. It is advantageous to clients if they can work with a local architect on their extension, refurbishment or new build, for several reasons:

1. Local Knowledge Speeds Up Approval Of Planning Permission

When making use of a local architect, you gain all the knowledge of a specific area and your architect serves as a guide not only to the academic knowledge of a building project but also the knowledge of the locality (in our case Derby).

The local architect has a distinct advantage over somebody who doesn’t know the area and in particular someone from a different area. You may run into obstacles obtaining planning consent if an architect is not fully conversant with all the building requirements, controls and variations that apply to your local authority.

The process of getting approval and starting with construction can be a lot faster and smoother when somebody with local knowledge and understanding is acting as your architect. Someone with extensive local knowledge also knows how to communicate with the authorities to ensure that your vision can be implemented. In short, he can speak their language in terms of your requirements.

2. Construction Of Your Dream Home Can Be Better Implemented

The second benefit of working with a local architect is their knowledge of local suppliers, the quality of materials available locally and the level of expertise and quality workmanship available to ensure that construction is undertaken in the most cost-effective way.

This can lead to cost savings and discounts on materials and labour because of their knowledge of local suppliers and contractors. If your chosen architect is experienced and well-known, local people will come to you to offer their services based on their knowledge and experience of having worked with the architect on previous projects. All this can lead to substantial savings.

3. Better Communication And Reduced Costs

The advantages of working with a local architect amount to better and easier communication about the project and its implementation. The cost will also be lower in respect of travelling to appointments and other costs charged by an architect from outside the area.

The opportunity to quickly discuss any change or problem in person instead of by phone and email also helps ensure the project can progress smoothly without delays or misunderstandings. To discuss your dream home build, extension or renovation with one of our experienced local architectural designers, please call 01332 830313 or use our contact us page.

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