What You Should Know Before Working With An Architectural Designer In Derby

Posted by Tim Foster on Jul 5, 2018 9:00:31 AM

What You Should Know Before Working With An Architectural Designer In Derby

When it comes to collaborating with an architect in the design of your new home, there are certain areas that you should be familiar with. This includes knowing how he or she works, what services they offer and whether or not they have completed any similar projects - either recently or in the not too distance past.

Building a new house is a big (and exciting) undertaking, so we offer four customer pledges on all projects:

1) Our design process is entirely transparent. At BDS, we have a very transparent set up. When it comes to the design of your project, for instance, we can start at the very beginning and design a structure completely from scratch, in discussion and collaboration with yourself. Alternatively we are happy to work with other professional drawings or plans from the outset and provide suggestions and advice along the way.

2) Our objectives are always clear. Before embarking on a design project we always strive to understand what the client’s objectives are with the build. We then plan as much in advance as possible in order to minimise possible disruption to the client’s current lifestyle.

3) Our quotes are complete from the outset. Our quotes for the cost of your project are always very detailed so that you can see more or less where every penny is going. There will be an outline of the scope of works as well as details on what the work will consist of. In the event the quote is higher than the client’s budget then we are happy to adjust it to fit. This could involve altering the materials for the kitchen worktops for instance, and altering the lighting etc.

4) Our payment schedule is straightforward and fair. Once the quote and budget has been squared we will embark on the work – the cost of which will be paid in milestones with the client only paying the remaining instalment when he or she is happy with the work and signed off on the completed project. We don’t require any kind of deposit prior to starting the works.

Find Out More About Our Working Process

At BDS Architecture we provide a whole range of architectural and building projects including residential and commercial projects, home extensions, conversions and renovations. We also build new homes from inception to completion.

We are a small firm of architectural designers who believe in the personal touch. We’re based in Derby so it is easy to arrange face to face appointments, surveys and calls whenever you need support throughout the project. This means that you can be assured of having the convenience of one point of contact throughout your project. We will also handle all the planning and building consents for you. That’s because we do the same work as an architect and are treated with the same regard by planning, building and construction professionals. As far as you are concerned though, we don’t charge as much and are happy to take on both smaller residential projects as well as larger commercial jobs.

Get Started On Your Dream Home!

Find out more about what we can potentially offer you by booking us for a free no-obligation consultation today, tel: 01332 830313 or email the team via the Contact Us page on our website www.bdsarchitecture.co.uk. You can also take a look through our free downloadable Self Build Guide if you’re looking for a little - or rather, a lot - of inspiration in the meantime. Enjoy!

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