What's Involved In The Architectural Design For A Home?

Posted by Tim Foster on Apr 30, 2018 2:35:24 PM

 What's Involved In The Architectural Design For A Home

If only the architectural design of a self-build home were as simple and straightforward as the square houses with pitched roofs that we drew for our family and friends while in primary school. However, when it comes to the architectural design for a home we’re going to need a lot more help.

So, what is he or she going to do for us? Well, in the main their most constructive role in a Self Build project is to offer advice, guidance and to educate us. That’s after they have drawn up the plans with our input and discussed in great detail the materials we will use. They will also sit down with us and ask why we want to build in the first place (for a more eco-lifestyle, for instance) then advise us on whether or not it’s a good fit for our family’s lifestyle.

They will also help with the technical drawing side, of course, submitting drawings and the necessary documents in order to acquire planning permission and ensure that building control approval is achieved.

Other areas your architect can help with for your Self Build include:

Project Management

This means ensuring the various different works such as plumbing, electrics etc is all on schedule and completed to your – and their - satisfaction. It also means ironing out any problems and ensuring the contractors who need to, are indeed communicating with one another. Then there are the tradesmen’s contracts; an architect will know how to word these so that you only pay for work completed and that any defects will be resolved.


It’s easy to get stuck in a particular mindset when it comes to how a Self Build should look. An architectural designer can help with more imaginative scenarios where they can come up with a solution that had never even entered your head because you may not have thought it possible.

Budgetary Constraints

How many times, on a reality TV show, does a Self Build Home project go over-budget? Just about every time, as far as we’ve seen. That’s because those hapless DIY home builders haven’t employed the services of an architectural designer (or they may have initially but have ditched him or her halfway through). And anyway, it wouldn’t make such good TV if everything went according to plan.

Getting A Team Together

Your architectural designer will have had plenty of reason in the past to hire the services of tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, interior designers etc and this means that he or she can give you a good rundown on who is good and would come in on budget for that particular part of your Self Build Home.

Managing Health & Safety

This isn’t just during the build so that the contractors are protected, but it also applies to when your home is built and your family living there. For instance, if work isn’t to standard then an architectural designer will recognise this and ask for it to be redone.

Find Out More

If you’re planning to build your own home at some time in the near future then get inspired by downloading our free Self Build Guide today. Click here to claim your copy.

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