What Do The Top Architecture Firms Have In Common?

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Apr 26, 2018 12:13:00 PM
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What Do The Top Architecture Firms Have In Common

In architectural circles there are certain key personality traits in an individual that put him or her above their competitors. And the same applies to architectural firms.

Architectural design is about so much more than qualifications or experience, after all. There is artistry involved, along with the ability to cope well with pressure and to communicate with people from a range of different backgrounds. But what are the top traits – and how accessible are they in the sense that ‘could anyone be an architectural designer?’

Top Architecture Firms Have Employees Who Are:

Passionate. It’s their passion for design and build that drive most individuals to become an architectural designer in the first place. And this is what helps get them through the times when they are up against deadlines or when a delivery of materials falls through. In other words, they are the people who are 100% committed to a project and are keen for the client’s project to be the best it can possibly be.

Innovative. Incredibly creative architects such as the late Dame Zaha Hadid and Glaswegian Charles Rennie Mackintosh came up with designs no-one had conceived of before. They weren’t afraid to challenge orthodox thinking but instead were keen to break out of the mould of traditional architecture. They wanted to ‘wow’ with their designs and they certainly did.

Adaptable. Having a rigid mindset really doesn’t work in architectural design. Flexibility is a far better characteristic to have, especially when it comes to clients changing their mind at the last minute or it becomes clear a certain plan isn’t going to work out for various reasons unrelated to their design. This is when it pays to have an ego you don’t have to continually keep in check.

Confident. It really does pay to be positive in the face of a stressful situation when others are becoming stressed. A belief in one’s abilities and the confidence to make decisions then stick to them is important, to the extent it can often make the difference between a project stalling and perhaps even failing, and one which may endure a slight hiccup but which gets there in the end – and to everyone’s ultimate delight and satisfaction.

Chilled. When things go wrong with a project for whatever reason, such as the budget having to be cut back or certain materials being unavailable, then there can be the temptation to start fretting and even doom-mongering. An individual who is laid back in the face of adversity can not only remain positive, clear minded and focused, but he or she can help others to be the same.

People will always be the greatest asset an architectural design practice can have. For your next build project find a firm with not only talented individuals, but people who have the above personality traits too.

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