What Are The Different Architectural Design Phases?

Posted by Tim Foster on Oct 10, 2017 10:35:00 AM

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Every architectural design practice has a different means of going about a project but in essence there is a strict timetable of phases that must be adhered to if a project is to run efficiently, on time and on budget.

This allows the client to be kept fully informed of all stages of the design in hand, giving them an element of control and a sense of inclusion over their own project. It also prevents the contractor being held back in their building schedule by having to explain particular works being carried out since the detail will be contained within the Works Programme.

In addition to the Works Programme there will also be separate phases for the Quotation stage as well as Budgeting, Design and Build. The time sequence in which these are put together comprises the Design Schedule.

The following schedule is what you can expect to receive when you opt to contract our services here at BDS Architecture:

Design Phase

The Design stage is – along with Budgeting – the phase in which you, the client, will have the biggest input. That’s because you will already have a very good idea of what you are looking for when we initially sit down with you and work out your dream extension, kitchen rebuild, conservatory, orangery etc.

As well as listening to what you need and want, including taking on board any particular stipulations you ask for, for instance tinted glass, sliding doors etc, we will provide plenty of suggestions of our own. Our aim is to meet your objectives in the best way we possibly can.

You may, for instance, be looking for an extension that is large enough to house a playroom, bedroom and extra bathroom. This could lead us to suggest that you consider either extending your existing extension or building a two storey version.

Once decided, after discussions with yourself, we will then apply for planning permits via your local authority, which will allow us to look at the next phase.


Once you have agreed with any suggested improvements or alterations to the original plan and are happy to go ahead, then it is time for us to prepare a detailed quote of the entire project for you to consider. This will include not only material costs and labour, but also details of any subcontractors involved (e.g. plumber, electrician) as well as costs for safety checks and inspections by relevant bodies once the work is complete.


Again, the Budgeting stage involves quite a bit of input from the client. Perhaps you would like to shave a bit off the overall cost of the project? To do that we may need to look at a particular area, such as buying a less expensive floor tile, or opting for double instead of triple glazing etc. We are always happy to advise on different means of cutting costs, or indeed adding a luxury touch within your budget.

Works Programme

The Works Programme is when we outline what works we will be doing, and when. It allows you, the client, to plan when to ‘be around. For instance, you’ll probably want to avoid the area during the noisiest and messiest of times as it certainly won’t be very conducive to relaxed living.

At the same time as the Works Programme we will also provide you with a payment schedule. This outlines the dates and amount of payment to be made when particular parts of the project are completed to deadline and specification.

At BDS Architecture we don’t request a deposit from clients in respect of their project and you will be encouraged to hold back the final payment until the project has been finished to your complete satisfaction.

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