Is It Better To Move House Or Extend Your Home?

Posted by BDS Architecture on Mar 15, 2019 11:49:00 AM


There comes a time in most homeowner’s lives when they simply need more space. More space may be required, for example, if a homeowner is expecting another baby or looking to start a room sharing business. This leaves a homeowner with only two options - extend or move house.

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French Chalet; Renovation & Transformation

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jan 18, 2019 10:29:46 AM

For many years this soon to be renovated chalet was just a concrete block shell being used for storage. Last year the property was acquired by a new owner who wanted to transform the space into a family home. BDS Architecture Ltd had the pleasure of designing a suitable layout for the existing building to make it into a fabulous four bedroom family living space. The above photo shows the property half way through it's renovation.

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Laying The Foundations For An Extension

Posted by Tim Foster on Dec 4, 2018 10:07:00 AM

A foundation is the lowest load-bearing element of a building that transfers the total weight of the structure to the ground safely. Its primary objective is to transmit the dead, wind and live loads to the ground while maintaining the structure and efficiency of the building. However, the correct type of foundation for an extension is dependable on various factors.

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A Country Cottage Extension with a View

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Nov 28, 2018 2:08:09 PM


BDS Architecture Ltd are in the midst of extending this gorgeous brick built cottage set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. The extension is being completed to the rear of the property, maximising on large windows to take in the breath taking view from the interior.

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Topics: Architectural Designer, Extensions, renovation, glass window, floor to ceiling glass, extension with a view

How To Maximise The Use Of Space In Your Terraced House

Posted by Tim Foster on Nov 20, 2018 2:37:00 PM

Whether you’re renovating to sell, looking to add value or making space your growing family, there are lots of options to make space work in your Victorian terraced house.

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Topics: Architectural Designer, Extensions, renovation

I Want To Extend My House - Where Should I Start?

Posted by Tim Foster on Nov 13, 2018 2:36:15 PM

Do you already have your dream home but it’s beginning to seem a little small for your lifestyle? Or perhaps your family is growing and you need more space. Whatever the reason, you may be thinking about extending your house but have no idea where to start.

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Architectural Services Spotlight - Extensions

Posted by Tim Foster on Oct 15, 2018 4:50:05 PM

Adding an extension to your home is the perfect way to increase your amount of living space to suit your exact requirements. We have more than fifteen years’ experience designing and building bespoke extensions through our architectural design service in Derby and the surrounding area.

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Allow Your Family To Grow By Building Bedroom Extensions

Posted by Tim Foster on Sep 7, 2018 3:01:59 PM

If you're looking to extend your family, but do not feel your current home has a suitable amount of room, it understandably leads to thoughts of moving house. Rather than spending the time, money and effort required to find a new house that suits all of your requirements, it is worth considering another option.

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So, Who Is Going To Design Your Brand New Extension?

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 29, 2018 9:18:05 AM

When it comes to envisioning how to design your new extension, the range of choices for the entire project can be downright overwhelming. There is a notion that architects and architectural designers are only hired for grand estates or public buildings, but this is a misconception. An architect can assist you to make the most out of your personalised house extension or renovation project, no matter the size. They can assist from the design stage through to construction, often advising and helping you save money in the process.

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Every New Build, Conversion Or Extension Starts With Good Design

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 9, 2018 5:21:06 PM

Every new build, including new houses, conservatory, loft or barn conversions, must begin life with good design. The design architect needs to formulate ideas for the new space, together with the homeowner. It is only through collaboration that these ideas can take shape and create a practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Below we share five core principles of good architectural design.

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