How To Maximise The Use Of Space In Your Terraced House

Posted by Tim Foster on Nov 20, 2018 2:37:00 PM

How To Maximise The Use Of Space In Your Terraced House

Whether you’re renovating to sell, looking to add value or making space your growing family, there are lots of options to make space work in your Victorian terraced house.

From extensions to layout changes and interior design, you can really make your home work for you. These tips will help you choose the best options when you’re ready to work on your home.

Keep On Top Of Things

Before you start any major work, it’s important to bring the basics up to scratch. Make sure the structure, heating, electrics and plumbing are all up to standard. Check the condition of your roof and have the property checked for damp. These issues can cost more in the long run if not addressed early on so getting on top of them will save time and money later.

Use Your Space

If you decide to extend, you can make great use of your properties side return. This area is common in Victorian properties and is the narrow external corridor originally intended as access to outdoor toilets. Extending across the rear of your property across one or two levels gives you superb flexibility to create a functional and practical space, as well as adding value should you decide to sell.

Open Up

To bring your home into the 21st century, consider going open plan. A rear extension across your side return gives you an ideal opportunity to create a flexible kitchen diner across the back of your property. Using glass doors and knocking through internal walls can bring in much-needed light. With clever design and the right fixtures and fittings, you can create spectacular areas which suit modern life and make your property more desirable.

Expand Your Facilities

Another common issue in these properties is the location of bathrooms. If you extend, you have an opportunity to move a bathroom upstairs or extend your existing family bathroom. This will make life easier for everyone and ensure your property has the best facilities if you come to sell. Consider putting in a small cloakroom in a convenient place downstairs in addition to your main bathroom. A downstairs cloakroom offers convenience for guests and families as well as providing facilities for anyone unable to manage stairs.

Embrace Original Features

Modernising the layout of your home doesn’t mean sacrificing stunning original Victorian features. Wherever possible retain or replace fireplaces, cornices and materials to make your home more attractive, authentic and saleable.

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