What To Do If You're Running Out Of Space At Home & How To Maximise The Space You Already Have

Posted by Rebecca Foster on May 2, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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Running out of space at home

Space is at a premium in every home - whether you live alone or in the midst of a busy family, there never seems to be enough space. But just because you think your home has no more available space for you, it doesn't mean it's true. A call to the friendly team at BDS Architecture may just be the key to unlocking the hidden space in your home.

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Using What You Have

When looking for more space, many people's first instinct is to build on to their homes. Extensions are a great way to achieve that, but before you consider that - think about the hidden space you already have in your home. Invest fifteen minutes to walk around your home and actually look for the space potential.

Little-used downstairs bathrooms can be removed and opened up, under-stairs storage spaces can be reworked, and connecting walls can often be removed. This allows you to widen your property's available space, giving the appearance of a much larger and less confined interior.

That's just the beginning, however - if you have specific storage needs, an architectural specialist from BDS Architecture can help you achieve them. This begins by understanding what exactly you need from your home and your storage requirements, before engineering the solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Scaled To Your Needs

People often get the wrong idea about architectural projects, presuming that they need to be enormous before they're worthwhile. This isn't the case. The team at BDS Architecture can help you regardless of the scale of your requirements - even the smallest changes can yield a considerable improvement.

Improvement in your available storage space isn't just confined to within the home. The exterior of your property may also yield some potential improvements. Again, it depends on your situation, your property, and what you require - so it's always best to get in touch for a personal consultation.

Just as with the interior - how much space you have outside doesn't matter. Intelligent and experienced architectural approaches can yield impressive results, even from the smallest, tightest, and most awkward of spaces. It's all about fitting your needs and shaping your surroundings.

Get In Touch Today

If you want to increase the amount of space in your home, reach out for a friendly and no-obligation discussion with the team at BDS Architecture today. We can always help you, even if you think your home has no more space left to give – so contact us today.

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