Our Architectural Services: What’s Included

Posted by Tim Foster on Feb 15, 2018 3:00:27 PM

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If you’re looking to expand your living space in the new year, the architectural services we provide here at BDS Architecture are wide-ranging, covering not just the initial design of a building or renovation – whether residential or commercial – but also its physical build. Our architectural services also include help with budgeting, furnishing and carrying out project management duties.

Embarking on an architectural design project very often involves liaising with a number of different individuals and companies, from planning officials and even Historic England if your property happens to be listed within a conservation area.

We will also look at furniture and fittings manufacturers to get the best deals possible for you, as well as consult interior designers so that we make the best use of space and ensure co-ordination throughout the property. In other words, we will stop at nothing to ensure that your build is the best it can possibly be.

Design & Build Entire Properties

Our architectural services include designing and building a property from scratch, as well as renovations. Regardless of the scale of the project we will always insist on an initial meeting. This allows us to learn what you expect from a build and at the same time take a look at your existing property, especially the soil. We may even take some measurements. This initial consultation also gives you an opportunity to ask us questions and put any possible fears to rest.

We can then start to discuss the feasibility of your project. After you give us the go ahead to embark on your design we will then provide detailed computer-aided three-dimensional drawings for you to consult at your leisure. We may even produce rough pencil sketches at the first meeting to give you an idea of what we have in mind.

Other aspects we will take care of include dealing with the paperwork and administration involved in obtaining planning permission and building consent from the relevant local government authorities. Sometimes it can even involve dealing with the owners of a neighbouring property if party wall consent is required.

When you come to us you may already have professional architectural designs drawn up. We are happy to build to these plans too and hope that you will also allow us to even suggest improvements or alternatives if we see a better idea.

We will also sit down with you at a later stage prior to the build beginning. Here we will not simply outline what the work will involve, but also suggest ways to minimise disruption to your family while it is being carried out.

Complete Renovations & Extensions

These days open plan living is extremely popular with many clients looking to add an extension onto their existing property. Whether that is a glass walled structure to the back of the house, a double level extension at the side, a whole Mansard loft conversion or even a barn conversion. We will always make sure that the extension isn’t just stunning to look at and within budget, but that it will be extremely practical in the sense that it will fit in with your growing family’s lifestyle and any future plans.

Funding & Budgeting

We provide detailed quotes on all parts of our service to help you make the most of your budget and to understand exactly how your money is being spent. Another advantage of this is that you will never be faced with unexpected and unwelcome ‘add-on’ costs at the end of your project. We can also advise on how you can keep your project on-budget by looking at different fittings such as worktops in a kitchen extension, for example. It’s common for clients to decide to over-spend on a particular area of their build and not unusual to scale back on another.

Our payment schedule is clear, regular and will be outlined prior to the project beginning. The overall cost of your project will be split into manageable chunks with each stage of the design and build paid for before the next begins so that you will always be up to date.

Project Management Of Your Build

As well as designing your new home, extension, renovation or conversion, we will also build it and project manage other contractors such as plumbers and electricians. This involves chasing both them and building suppliers up to ensure quality and timescales are adhered to. Project management is essential to prevent your project from falling behind schedule and checking that the work is what was outlined in the original contract.

To look at our build credentials, take a look at our sister website www.bdsconstruction.co.uk where you will find many testimonials from delighted clients. We would love to hear from you and discuss your plans in greater detail. Contact us through our website contact form, or call us on 01332 830313.

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