Loft Conversion Or Extension: Which Is Right For You?

Posted by BDS Architecture on Mar 25, 2019 10:02:00 AM

Loft conversion or extension, which is right for you

A loft conversion or an extension are both ideal choices for people who want to expand the available space within their home for a number of different reasons. But which is the right option?

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The Pros & Cons Of Loft Conversions

The first pro of a loft conversion is that it's generally cheaper than an extension. As it works within the pre-existing structure of the home and no additional building is usually required, which keeps the costs down. It also means loft conversions are generally completed much more quickly than extensions. Except for in very specific circumstances, they usually don't require planning permission either.

A con of loft conversions is that they can be somewhat restrictive. You're able to work within the structure of the loft and that's pretty much it. Unless a loft is particularly large to begin with, by the time it's finished and furnished, space can often be at a premium. Lofts aren't generally built to receive much natural light, either, so they can be quite dark unless large windows are installed.

The Pros & Cons Of Extensions

An extension allows much more creativity over the shape and size of the finished space. This means if you need the space for something specific, such as an office or child's bedroom, you can develop the architectural design accordingly to make it as suitable as possible. An extension is also a great way of adding additional value to a home, as it offers that much more usable space, making it attractive to potential buyers.

The negatives are that planning permission may be required, which can be an awkward process. Extensions are also much more labour-intensive, which means it will be much more expensive and time-consuming than a loft conversion would be. Building work can also be invasive, noisy, and inconvenient. You will also have to sacrifice a portion of your garden in order to accommodate the new structure.

Which Is Right For You?

Ultimately, it's a decision only you can make. If you need as much extra space as possible, an extension is always going to be the best choice as it will allow you more freedom to design something from scratch.

If time and money are more of a consideration and you don't need so much space - just a bit of extra room - then a loft conversion may be the answer.

For more help and advice to make the right decision, contact a specialist such as BDS Architecture.

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