7 Of The Latest Architectural Design Trends To Keep An Eye On!

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Apr 12, 2018 11:47:28 AM
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7 Of The Latest Architectural Design Trends To Keep An Eye On!

Just like in fashion, interior design and gadgets, architecture too falls prey to fads – although in the case of architecture these tend to be more about developments than whims.

What are the residential architecture design trends of 2018? Well, here’s a run-down on some of the more prominent changes you can expect to see when you’re out and about.

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1) Solar Roofs

Engineers at Tesla (the company which developed the mass market electric car) have now turned their attention to roofs. They have produced glass tiles in four different styles – tile, slate, asphalt or clay-like - to integrate perfectly with a roof. Not only do they look better than current solar panels, but they are also a lot less expensive. The first tiles are going in this year and it’s believed they’ll hit the mass market in a couple of years.

2) Larger Rooms In Smaller Houses

The term ‘room’ could possibly be about to become dated, being replaced with a larger ‘area’ or ‘multi-purpose living space.’ The result is a more flexible environment in which to live. It may have, for example, a living area, kitchen and multi-function office/dining room on one level. This will be achieved using, amongst other things, moving wall panels.

3) A Room For All Seasons

A living area which opens out onto a garden via glass sliding doors, which can be left open in summer can also be made warmer in winter with the use of screens or insulated panels. Heated flooring and a cosy log burner would complete the look.

4) Outdoor Rooms

It’s not just ground-level living spaces that open out onto the garden that are in big demand. Even apartment dwellers are insisting on a connection to the outdoors these days – and mostly that’s via either a rooftop deck or a large balcony they can sit out on.

5) Curves On Facades

This is becoming more main stream since the style aims to maximise space. If done well it can also help the building integrate seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Completely circular homes are still rare, but becoming more popular. Based on the shape of yurts and igloos these help save resources since less material is needed to construct them.

6) Smarter Storage Solutions

When it comes to inside our houses, storage is key for 2018. Clutter is seen as a dirty word in 2018 and the way to avoid it is to have customised storage (for example, somewhere for the vacuum and ironing board, as well as kitchen chopping boards that can slide into units) so that surfaces remain clear.

7) Textured Facades & Fixtures

Using reclaimed woods, metals and exposed brick doesn’t only result in a tick for sustainability, it also adds interest to our homes – at least that’s what the trend-makers for 2018 are insisting upon. And personally we agree.

Discover more about what architectural design can do for your living space by taking a look through our main website www.bdsarchitecture.co.uk – where you’ll find examples of some of our recent projects, as well as information on what the entire architectural process involves. To book a free consultation call us today on 01332 830313.

In the meantime, for inspiration and ideas you can also download our free guide Extending Your Living Space by clicking here.

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