Cold Feet? An Under Floor Heating In Your New Extension Could Be The Answer!

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Mar 12, 2019 12:09:15 PM
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Old property, new heating system


BDS Architecture Ltd are renovating and and extending this Edwardian property. Here you can see the kitchen extension really coming along. Internal works are really taking shape including the fitting of the underfloor heating.

 Here's what the under the underfloor heating looks like...

IMG_7486All the pipes are laid upon a plastic membrane. They run all over the living space which is required heating including both the existing part of the property and the new extension.


IMG_7481All the pipes are connected together at a central control outlet.



Once all the underfloor heating pipes are in place they are covered and set in concrete, ready for the finished floor to be laid on top. Virtually any flooring material can be laid over underfloor heating.



There are many advantages to underfloor heating;

  • 25% more efficient: Under floor heating systems can be up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators. With an under floor heating system, the overall surface area is essentially as large as the room you are heating. The floor turns into a giant radiator! This means you reduce the flow temperature of the room beyond what is possible with conventional radiator panels - 40°C or /35°C without creating a drop in the actual room temperature. This helps the heat pump to be more efficient as it’s effective at lower flow temperatures. And therefore reduces the running costs.
  • Heat distribution transformed: Radiators warm the air directly next to them, which causes the heat to rise to the ceiling. This warm air then cools, and falls to the floor to be warmed again. A very inefficient way of heating a room. Under floor heating systems will distribute the heat evenly.
  • Low maintenance: The under floor heating system must be installed correctly by a qualified installer, once they are, there is virtually no maintenance on them. As they are under the floor they are less likely to be damaged.
  • Can be used with virtually any type of floor construction and covering: Thanks to the variety of additional components that they can come be laid with, under floor heating systems are a viable option for almost any application.
  • Helps with room layouts: As there are no radiators dictating the layout of a room, interior design is no longer constrained by the positioning of radiators!
  • Less expensive than radiators: Under floor heating generally has lower running costs. The heat is dispersed from low heat pipes more effectively. The pipes do not have to be really hot and so energy is saved. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint of your home: An under floor heating system has high energy efficiency, these systems are the systems of choice for eco-home builders.
  • Increases property value: An efficient heating system such as an under floor heating system installed in your home is an attractive feature to a house purchaser because of all the advantages listed.

Have you got an extension or new home project in mind? Thinking about installing under floor heating? Then visit for further inspiration!

We also have a free guides for you to download if you are thinking about building a new house or extending your property?! Download here...

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