How To Use Colour In Your Home Design

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jun 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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how to use colour in your home design

Choosing the right colours for your home design can be one of the most difficult parts of redecorating. Indeed, as well as helping to make your rooms homely and beautiful, certain colours have the power to profoundly affect our moods and can even impact long-term well-being.

Although deciding what colour to paint a room or picking shades of wood for your new furniture can seem like daunting tasks, they don’t have to be. Colour should represent an outlet for your creativity and flair. To make sure you get the colour schemes for your home just right, we’ve put together a few helpful tips below:

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1. Stick To White For Your Bathroom

Whilst we’re certainly advocates of expressing yourself through unusual colours and tones, it is a simple fact of life that white baths, sinks, and showers look better than their colourful counterparts. Many of us will remember the trend for avocado-coloured bathroom suites in the 1970s and ‘80s. Remaining avocado bathrooms serve as a good reminder that white bathrooms look cleaner, fresher and much more homely.

In terms of wall colours, cool tones such as light blues and greens work well in bathrooms. This is because they look fresh and will help you to relax during long baths.

2. Opt For Warm Colours In The Living Room

As anyone well-versed in the world of architectural design will know, the living room is the most important area in the house when it comes to interior decorating. Indeed, there’s nothing better than retiring to a warm and cosy living room at the end of a long day, particularly during winter months.

To ensure that your living room is inviting and comfortable, you should consider investing in warm tones. These can range from deeps reds and oranges to more neutral, earthy shades such as creamy white or soft yellows. According to colour psychologists, warm colours can evoke feelings of comfort and intimacy, perfect for nurturing a welcoming environment for friends and family.

3. Paint Your Kids’ Bedrooms Bright Colours

Children thrive in vibrant and visually stimulating environments, so don’t be afraid to give in to their demands for wild and wonderful colours. Bright reds, pinks, purples or blues can look great in kids’ bedrooms and will be sure to impress their friends. If you decide to pick colours for them, try not to adhere too closely to gender stereotypes. Owning a bright pink bedroom may not be every girl’s dream!

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