Different Lighting Tricks To Maximise Your Living Space & To Give The Illusion Of A Bigger Brighter House

Posted by Rebecca Foster on May 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM
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Do you dream of bright, airy spaces and beautiful, elegant windows? Would you like a larger, lighter, brighter home? Or are you thinking of building your own home to get exactly what you dream of?

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Think Light

Light brightens a room, opens up small, cramped spaces and creates a cleaner, fresher feel. You can optimise the light in any room to create the perfect living space.

Combinations Are The Key

There are three types of light used in home design - ambient, task and accent. The best interior design uses combinations of all three to stunning effect.

Ambient lighting provides an even, consistent glow to the entirety of a space; think chandeliers or recessed lights on ceilings. Task lighting is used for specific purposes or functions; for example, reading lights, bathroom mirror lights, or lights in kitchen prep areas. Accent lighting highlights specific objects or structure within a room, from artworks to bookcases.

Ideas For Optimising Light

Maximise light using glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, or even mirrors to bounce the existing light around. Position doors with care to allow light to pass through from just one window.

Skylights flood a room with natural light and create the illusion of a taller room. Add roof lights to longer, dark rooms, big open windows to ground floor rooms, or build a room entirely of glass!

Sky pods and roof lanterns allow light into hidden rooms in the back. Spread light between rooms using bi-folding doors, internal windows or glass door panels.

Decorate with lighter colours like cream, pale blue and marl grey which are soft and help to diffuse natural light.

Use natural light to save electricity and instil calm and tranquility in any room.

You can read more in the 'The Essential Guide To Extending Your Living Space', the ultimate read for any aspiring renovator – or 'A Free Guide To Building Your Own Home' might be for you. Best of all, both guides are completely free!

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