How To Choose Architectural Services With Confidence

Posted by Tim Foster on Apr 10, 2018 3:05:30 PM

How to choose architectural services with confidence

Whether you’re building a new eco-friendly smart home or a modest property extension, it is likely you will need to commission architectural services to bring your ideas together.

As those two diverse examples illustrate, you will need to find an architect with the right skill set and experience to match your specific project.

The starting point is to be clear about what it is you want to achieve, even if your initial brief consists of a collection of ideas and a location.

Once you have narrowed your search down to architects with specialist knowledge of your type of project, how do you choose the right one?

Recommendations Or Reviews From Others

Clearly one of the most important ways you can select an architect for your project with confidence, is by checking that they have a strong record for success in your area of interest.

Word of mouth references from people who have used a particular architect are invaluable. Fortunately, these days the internet provides us with a digital version of personal recommendations.

You could look at case studies on websites and ask for information about previous commissions. But how can you be sure that the architects are not simply “blowing their own trumpet”?

It's safer to rely on independent review systems for architectural services. They will provide you with genuine insights into what projects the architects have completed, and how satisfied the customers were with the end result.

Google Reviews

Google works on a five star review system which allows the reviewer to rate the business services on a scale of 1-5. Furthermore in order to place a Google review you have to have a Google account, verified by Google. Which means that these are a trustworthy source of reviews. When looking at reviews it is also advised to check the source of the review, and also to read more than one. One good review may not give you enough confidence to work with a company. Likewise, one bad review does not necessarily mean that a company is incompetent. Reviews are meant to help you get an all round opinion of a business to help you make a decision about working with them. Business owners also have a right to answer reviews so have a look at any responses to try and get both sides of the story when weighing things up.

Social Proof

Does the company participate in Social Media? Check out their website for links to their social media profiles and have a look at their recent activity on their accounts. Social media sites are a great way for Architects and companies providing architectural drawing services, to showcase their work and interact with their prospects and customers. So an active Social Media profile shows a company that is happy to showcase good work and encourage conversation around what they do.

Relationship Building

Building or rebuilding projects of all types and sizes, should be firmly based on a strong working relationship with any contractors and professionals you use. You are making a substantial investment and this project could have huge repercussions if it doesn’t go to plan.

Finding architectural services that mesh well with you can be as important as their professional qualifications. Do they have good communication skills and a speedy response to queries?

Check their standard Terms & Conditions too. What are they offering in relation to such steps as feasibility studies, designs and then planning and building regulations submissions? Can you pull the plug without penalties if something is going in the wrong direction from your personal perspective?

Do they offer a free consultation with no obligation? Do they offer any information in written form about what they do? These are all important factors to consider when you are making a decision on who you want to work with to design your new extension or home.

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