How To Build In Awkward Spaces

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Apr 30, 2019 11:08:04 AM
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How to build in awkward spaces

Growing families are always in need of more space. The first questions is often "well, why don't you move and find somewhere better?" but there are many reasons you might want to stay put. Emotional and familial ties to the property, staying close to work and friends, not wanting to uproot children from school - the list is extensive.

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So, the focus then shifts to extending your property to provide the space you need. No two extension projects are the same - but what if your property doesn't have an obvious route for extension? Can you still expand your available space?

Yes! Reaching out to the professionals at BDS Architecture guarantees you a practical extension, even in the most awkward of spaces.

Experience Matters

Building within the confines of tight and awkward spaces is something you can only do well with experience. That's why a trusted firm of architects, like BDS Architecture, should be your first port of call.

The process begins with a consultation - our expert team will pay a visit to your property to take photographs, measurements, and survey the area in which you'd like to extend your property. During this time, they'll discuss with you exactly what you're looking to achieve from the extension in terms of looks/available space/design etc.

With that, detailed plans can be drawn up that take into account your requirements. The planning stage is vital, because it allows fresh ideas to be examined and tested before any construction begins. Once you're happy, and all appropriate applications and permissions have been attended to, the team at BDS Construction Ltd begins the build.

Making The Most Of Awkward Spaces

Experienced architecture specialists revel in a challenge - which is why the team at BDS Architecture are the ideal choice if your extension falls within awkward space.

Natural light is going to be your best friend when it comes to making sure the extension appears as spacious as possible, even if the physical dimensions won't allow for it. The positioning and sizing of windows is a key element in this process - as is the use of light tunnels. Understanding how the natural light falls within your garden and how best to capitalise on it informs the positioning.

There are also other key ways to improve functionality - such as choosing the right building materials, considering the optimum layout for your needs, and knowing exactly how much space is available to work with.

Getting The Ball Rolling

If you want to expand your home's available space, even if you see no obvious way to do it, make sure that you contact BDS Architecture today.

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