Growing Architectural Design Trends Within The Midlands

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 24, 2018 9:40:07 AM

Growing Architectural Design Trends Within The Midlands

The practice of architecture evolves continuously as it seeks to push the confines of the aesthetics of a building, a room or even a community. With every new year, new inspirations and trends grace the world of architecture as ambitious architects draw from technological and scientific advancements to come up with innovative building designs. This article explores the aspects that define the architectural trends in the Midlands.


One trend that stands the test of time in the architecture community is sustainability. Increased sensitivity to our planet’s health, the limited nature of the naturally occurring resources and the global commitment to solving climate change all inspire architects in the Midlands to adopt more mindful designs. Through the minimisation of the adverse effects of construction on the surrounding landscape, and the growing use of sustainable materials, the Midlands’ architects hope to lay the foundation for a brighter and more eco-friendly future for the industry.

Natural Lighting

The second practice that keeps growing in popularity is the incorporation of natural elements in the design of workspaces and homes - there has been a notable shift towards housing designs that permit the penetration of more and more natural light. Lighting from natural sources is more appealing than artificial lighting, regardless of how sophisticated the fitting, and, in turn, contributes to the body's health and well-being. Aesthetically, larger windows serve to enrich a building’s style and enhance the sense of transparency and openness.

Community Consciousness

Another design trend notable in modern buildings is the concept of community-conscious designs. Such design aims to recognise the connection between the people, the construction, and the natural environment. This holistic approach to architecture targets tends to create projects which appeal to the broader community, regarding the notion, implementation and purpose of the design procedure. Community-conscious designs change the way the people think about architecture through engaging them in a process that traditionally would exclude them.

Smart Buildings

As we enter the future, technology continues to enhance the abilities of designers to come up with futuristic buildings that bolster living experiences. Designers and developers are finding more ways to incorporate innovations such as virtual assistants, wireless appliances, intelligent home heaters and other smart tech to harmonise the home and improve the user’s comfort. As architects begin to incorporate such elements, smart tech ceases to be an afterthought added to an existing design: smart buildings become a reality. These homes could colossally revolutionise our way of living.

Natural Materials

For centuries, the industrial aesthetic has ruled over the architectural world. However, in the Midlands, architects are now turning their backs against traditional metal cladding, and instead adopting more appealing hand-made brick, timber and rammed earth. They recognise and act on our natural predisposition to surround ourselves with materials that replicate the natural environment.

In the Midlands, design and architectural trends are ever-changing. The community benefits from the added comfort in living spaces, the protection and cultivation of the environment and the continually evolving sources of architectural inspiration.

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