Every New Build, Conversion Or Extension Starts With Good Design

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 9, 2018 5:21:06 PM

Every new build, conversion or extension starts with good design

Every new build, including new houses, conservatory, loft or barn conversions, must begin life with good design. The design architect needs to formulate ideas for the new space, together with the homeowner. It is only through collaboration that these ideas can take shape and create a practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Below we share five core principles of good architectural design.

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1. The Use Of Natural Light

One important aspect to consider when designing a new build or extension is the use of light within that space, and how natural light will enter the space. This very much depends upon what you plan to build. Conservatories and extensions typically allow the light to flood in. A new build can be built with floor to ceiling windows, skylights and artificial lighting can be built into walls and ceilings.

2. The Importance Of Space

Space, and how that space is accessed and used is incredibly important. A designer can draw up an open plan space connecting different zones, such as a relaxation and eating area. They can create separate rooms or knock down walls to create a larger dining room. It all depends upon how you want to use the space.

3. Use Of Materials

Good design always focuses on the homeowner's preferred materials. This may be natural stone, steel, wood or brickwork. The architectural designer will take on board the desired materials and work with them to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space.

4. Add Personality To The Design Space

A good architectural designer will help to stamp the personality of the family onto the design space. The new build, extension or barn conversion will feel as if it is part of the family. This transfer of personality can only happen with good communication, exchange of ideas and ongoing collaboration.

5. A Functional Living Space

Finally, every good designer needs to take on board the need for a functional living space. This may be a barn conversion for an elderly relative, or a loft conversion for adult children. It's important that the architectural designer draws up designs with the user at the heart of the space.

If you are wanting a new build, or are perhaps planning to extend your home due to a growing family, then BDS Design can help you. We are with you from the very beginning design concept, right through to completion! Please do get in touch with us today.

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