3 Environmental Factors To Consider When Building Your Own Home

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Sep 11, 2019 11:02:00 AM
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3 Environmental Factors To Consider When Building Your Own Home
The environmental impact of housing development should always be at the forefront of your consideration when in the planning stages of a new-build property. The environmental design of houses changes, however, depending on the exact nature of the area the property is going to be built in. With that in mind, here are three key questions you need to ask yourself before you begin planning the build of your new home.

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Does The Area Flood?

For obvious reasons, building in a high-risk flood area is not something most people want to do. Even if you ignore the obvious potential for serious property damage, regular floods can have serious effects on the stability of the ground. That makes property subsidence that much more likely, which can be an expensive problem you can avoid by choosing to build somewhere not so prone to flooding. Regular flooding can also indicate draining issues, which are also naturally undesirable.

Is The Land Contaminated?

Again, drainage issues can cause the land to become contaminated, as can relative proximity to industrial sites such as factories, manufacturing facilities, and mines. Coal mines, fracking sites, and other invasive industrial centres can wreak havoc with the purity of the land in surrounding areas. This is a serious consideration, especially if you intend to sell the property, as it will make finding a profitable buyer that much more difficult.

Are There Preservation Or Conservation Orders?

On the other side of the coin, the area may be subject to a preservation/conservation order to protect certain trees, wildlife, or historical sites. This is going to drastically limit the amount of planning permission that you're likely to get, which can stifle your plans. The upside is that these areas tend to be sites of outstanding natural beauty, so this may be a sacrifice you're willing to make.

What If You Don't Consider These Things?

A new-build property is a considerable investment, and if you don't properly consider the area you plan to build in it can have serious consequences. You may end up with a property prone to flood damage, impossible to sell due to contaminated surrounding ground, or somewhere with highly constrictive regulations covering development. Ultimately all of these are going to limit the potential return you can get from your considerable investment.

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