Designing A House Extension Near Trees: What You Need To Know

Posted by Tim Foster on Aug 2, 2019 2:26:00 PM

Designing a house extension near trees - what you need to know

Planning house extensions and proximity to trees are two things that property owners rarely consider as being co-dependent, but the truth is that they are. If you're building an extension on a house, the proximity to trees, bushes, and shrubbery matters. Here's what you need to know.

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How Trees Can Affect Your Property

If you have an extension on the back of your house, trees and shrubs can cause considerable issues. First is the obvious - blocking your light. High, thick trees can ruin the light coming into the property, which can seriously affect the quality of life if your extension is destined to be an office, guest bedroom, or conservatory.

Then there's property damage to consider. In times of high winds, leaves and branches are often blown from higher trees. At best these end up in your gutters, which could potentially lead to blockages. At worst they may potentially damage window and door glass. Roots are also a concern, as they can find their way under the property and cause considerable damage to the property's stability, maybe even causing subsidence.

Checking The Proximity

How close trees and shrubs grow to your property will determine the action that you need to take, and the type of damage/inconvenience that they could cause. If larger trees are growing close to the property, then invasive roots and larger branches blowing off in high winds are going to be a more pressing concern. On the other hand, a patch of shrubbery 15 feet from the property is unlikely to cause much of an issue. It's always best to get a professional's advice, however, just to make sure you're fully informed.

Designing Around The Problem

You need to be aware from the offset that the solution to the problem isn't just cutting them down. It sounds like the obvious answer - and in some ways, it would be - but few people understand the need for the proper permissions before they start cutting down trees. If a tree is large enough to cause considerable concern, it's possible that it might be protected - in which case cutting it down or deliberately damaging it in any way would be illegal.

This is where you need to consult a specialist - firstly to help you understand what you can do to address the issue of the trees near your extension, and secondly to then help you adapt your design plans accordingly. BDS is that very specialist - call our friendly team today.

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