How To Know Which Architectural Designer To Use For Your Self-Build Project In Derby? (Clone)

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Dec 5, 2019 12:20:38 PM
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How To Know Which Architectural Designer To Use For Your Self-Build Project In Derby?

When looking for an architectural designer for your self-build project, how do you know which one to choose? Chances are this is the first time you’ve ever commissioned an architectural designer and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s the first time you’ve planned to have a new home built or an extension added to your existing property.

So, what failsafe techniques can you use to ensure that you get the right architectural designer for you? Well we list some at the bottom of this article. First though, we outline what services you can expect from a good, Derby-based architect during your project.

What Can You Expect From An Architectural Designer?

The role of an architectural designer is to put your design dreams for your new house into being. In other words, he or she will visualise and interpret what you are imagining and make it real. The will take your initial ideas, how these fit into what you are looking for and work them around your budget. They will probably come up with various options for you, and you will always have the final say in which plan to go with.

The next stage is to get the design through the planning permission stages with the local authority. Once this has been achieved it’s time to choose a team of builders (if you’re not going ahead with a self-build). Your architectural designer should always be available for consultation during your project and you would expect him or her to drop by for site visits too.

Get An Architectural Designer That Specialises In What You’re Planning

If it’s a self-build you intend to complete then get an architectural designer who has worked on this type of project in the past. Understandably, there’s a lot of hand-holding on this type of project for starters. You should also ask to see what projects they have worked on so that you can evaluate his or her work for yourself first-hand. Speak to the owners of those houses too to find out what the whole process of communication with the architectural designer was like during the build.

Also, find out if he or she was totally involved in the design or if he took a back seat, was the architectural designer around when difficult decisions needed to be made? All of these points are important and will have a bearing on whether you feel your project has been a success or not.

How To Come Up With A Shortlist Of Architectural Designers

Do plenty of research beforehand and check qualifications. Ask around too - and not just friends, colleagues and neighbours. You could always phone the local planning department and see if they can recommend a few candidates. Ask builders and construction companies too as they’ve bound to have worked with a few in the area. Always go and chat with a prospective architectural designer too – a quick 20 minute chat is nothing compared to how much time you’ll be spending with them once your project actually gets underway. Check Google reviews too they are also a good benchmark to go from.

Speak To Us

Planning a self-build project, renovation or similar project in the Derby-Nottingham area? Then do get in touch with our team here at BDS Architecture. We’d be happy to provide a no-obligation, free consultation. Simply give us a call on 01332 830313. In the meantime, download our free ebook, the Self Build Guide.

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