Knock-On Effects Of Poor Quality Drawings

Posted by Tim Foster on May 30, 2020 1:09:00 PM

Knock-on effects of poor quality drawings
Drawings are the first step taken towards making your construction project a reality - they're the foundation on which everything else is based. Naturally, if you have poor quality drawings it's going to result in an unsatisfactory final build.

There are several knock-on effects to consider when it comes to bad drawings.


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What Are The Risks?

The main issue with bad drawings is that they ultimately cost you money and time - two of your most important resources. They can cost you money by necessitating that you have new drawings completed. This is, of course, going to incur an extra set of costs, as you will have already paid for a set of drawings that are useless. It will also cost you time because those new drawings will mean your timetable is put well behind schedule.

If you choose to go ahead with the project, you will end up losing even more money and time. Bad drawings will lead to a poor quality construction - dimensions will be off, utilities will not be properly routed, and structural stability will likely be compromised. All of these are, of course, to be avoided at all costs, so at the very least you need to reinvest in a new set of drawings before any physical work can actually begin.

This means it's worth ensuring that you choose a firm who can get the drawings done right the first time.

Choosing The Right Specialist

This is why you need to consider a firm such as BDS when you need drawings completed as a part of your next project. We handle drawings as a core part of our service, which means we have extensive experience in providing a range of clients the drawings that have formed the basis of all manner of projects. As we do this as a part of our ongoing work with you, we naturally have a better understanding of your requirements, which leads to better drawings.

Choosing our service is ultimately saving you money - you will only have to get one set of drawings completed, which means only paying for one set, and only factoring the time it takes to draw one set into your project timetable.

We can save you having to deal with unnecessary delays and stress while providing you with a high-quality set of drawings that will form an accurate and usable basis to use in the construction of your project. Contact BDS Architecture today for more information.


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