Commercial Architectural Services – Key Things to Look Out For

Posted by Tim Foster on Sep 18, 2018 2:25:00 PM

Commercial Architectural Services – Key Things to Look Out For

Designing and constructing a commercial building is a delicate process. You will need a professional architectural service to come up with a secure and attractive design that matches the needs of a modern workplace. Choosing an architectural design service should not be a rushed decision. Here are a few key things you should look out for when selecting a professional architectural design service:

Commercial Experience

Sector-specific commercial experience is a crucial part of finding the right architectural design service. In the commercial field industry, experience is often valued even more than academic qualifications. This is because most of the critical aspects of the industry are learned in the field. Commercial architectural design is very different from residential work, so make sure you choose a designer with the relevant experience and skills to handle the project.


When dealing with a firm or individual architect, you should check whether your communication styles are aligned. Ideally, your architect should be able to convey their ideas without having to resort to industry jargon. Also, they should be able to show you digital visuals of their design so that there is no room for misinterpretation.

Architects with advanced communication abilities will be able to keep your project on track without straying from the agreed timeframe and budget – extremely important considerations for commercial buildings. They will provide detailed quotations for their services, including all the elements of the project. As a commercial client you should be able to get tailored services that match your expectations and budget and this is only possible if proper communication is adhered to.

Digital Tools And Resources

A quick look through the architectural company’s website should tell you whether they are up to date with their digital tools and resources. Creative visualisation and CAD tools are particularly important in commercial architecture since they give you a realistic picture of what the final building will look like. Also, it is easier to implement changes to the design if the architect uses these tools. Virtual reality, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D printing tools are quickly becoming standard in the industry. Demand the latest, most efficient tools from your architectural designer.

Speak To Us

At BDS Architecture we aim to deliver consistently high levels of quality on a wide range of commercial projects, including new builds and renovations. When selecting an architectural designer, be sure to consider their experience, track record, price and ability to communicate clearly. We would be happy to discuss your requirements in person, so please contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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