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Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jun 27, 2018 12:13:39 PM
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Sometimes it is difficult to envisage what your new house will look like in real life. Here at BDS Architecture we can take your design drawings and bring them to life with a computer generated 3D image. Not only a great way to understand drawings better but they can also smooth out any build issues before any construction costs are incurred!...

Floor Plan & Elevations

This image shows the design of a new detached house; the roof plan and elevations. Although this is quite often sufficient for clients to see how their new property design will look when it is built, it is possible to enhance these drawings further...



3D Visualisation

A computer generated image of your new house design (CGI) can really bring a drawing to life. An easy to understand (non - technical looking) drawing can help you to make decisions about your proposed new property with ease! Here is the 3D image generated from the drawings above....

View Knoll 5

See your new house design in situ

Here is the 3D image set within the grounds of where the new property will be built. A great way to envisage exactly how your new property will look within it's surroundings. This house design will completely replace an existing property on the site. As it is a significant design change to the previous property, it is reassuring to know how the building and positioning will look when the property is built.

Knoll Lodge Render (With Background)


Need more information?!...

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