Benefits Of 3D Visualisation In Architectural Design

Posted by Tim Foster on Feb 5, 2018 12:47:22 PM

Architectural design – and the house construction industry in particular - has been transformed in recent years through hand-drawn illustrations to 2 dimensional, CAD and now 3 dimensional rendering.

3D visualisation is the most impressive way of showing a client what the finished outcome of their project will look like from any angle, making it more difficult to miss any initial design flaws. It’s a high quality illustration technique and comes across as very professional. It also allows the client to quickly grasp what you’re trying to explain, since it’s right there in front of her or him.

This large apartment building on Duffield Road, Derby was designed using 3D rendering:

 Benefits Of 3D Visualisation In Architectural Design.jpg

Why Architectural Designers Like To Use 3D Visualisation

Being of its digital format, 3D visualisation is also quick to alter if something appears a bit off-centre or out of place in the design. And, because it is being changed at such an early stage, there will be very little cost (if any).

And, not only is 3D visualisation less expensive than other ‘sophisticated architectural technologies,’ but it’s also much more efficient in terms of time when it comes to creating the initial illustration. There is no need, for instance, to install numerous software packages to get the programme up and running like there is with CAD.

What’s The Future Of 3D Visualisation Going To Be Like?

Experts in the field agree that 3D visualisation is going to be – if not ubiquitous – then, at least, extremely widespread in the future. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it is continually coming down in price and becoming ever-more available (Google even provides a free version called Sketch Up). As a result even small architectural design companies which are just starting out can afford to employ 3D visualisation techniques.

3D Visualisation & Virtual Reality

When virtual reality is combined with 3D visualisation it’s possible to take clients on a virtual walk through their new property. This provides them with the type of immersive experience that is impossible with even CAD technology. Not only will they be able to view the structure of the building, but also the interior design, allowing them to appreciate texture and colour combinations.

More importantly though, it gives clients the confidence to go ahead and fund the project, knowing that it’s what they envisaged in the first place. They’re satisfied that this is what they had in mind all along. Satisfaction and a happy client generate good reviews and the likelihood of attracting more customers.

3D Visualisation For Your Project

Find out more about the 3D visualisation process as well as how BDS Architecture can help your project by visiting our website. You can also call us to arrange a free initial consultation on 01332 830313.

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