Architectural Services Spotlight: Renovations

Posted by Tim Foster on Oct 25, 2018 2:30:21 PM

Architectural Services Spotlight Renovations

Our team of qualified, experienced architectural designers have extensive experience renovating homes and commercial buildings around Derby. As a family-owned company based in Derby, our comprehensive renovation service is especially tailored to the needs of local customers. We can guide your renovation from the design and planning stage of a building project to its completion.

A Typical Renovation

A typical renovation is by definition atypical – with renovation projects covering a wide range of building work. Renovation can involve repairing structural damage, restoring original features, adding extensions to a building or restructuring a building’s interior. Sometimes clients have a clear idea of what their renovation will look like, while other briefs are open ended, incorporating a variety of interlinked actions to improve the function and appearance of a building.

Many renovations involve work on old or unused buildings bought with the purpose of ‘doing them up’, or inherited from a relative. Some projects may involve repurposing an old residential or commercial building into two or more apartments. Others entail sensitive work on listed properties, or on homes within conservation areas. An individual approach to the challenges of each renovation is essential!

Customer Contact and the Personal Touch

We work in collaboration with our clients to provide a renovation service with a personal touch. The client has the benefit of one-point of contact at all stages of the renovation process. Our designers, planners and builders are expert in all areas, and we are able to keep client construction costs down by negotiating trade prices on the materials that we use.

The Free Consultation

We offer every potential client an initial, free consultation. One of our designers meets you and discusses every aspect of the proposed project. This discussion includes the proposed plan, the possible cost and sourcing of the materials, and the projected building schedule. Our aim is to complete every project with minimal disruption to your business and domestic life. We can also work from plans that you provide us with.

Moving Forward

The next stage is the design and plan of your renovation. Once the drawings meet with your approval, you can submit them to your local authority for planning permission. You may also need to undertake a building survey if the structure of the building is affected. We are happy to support you through this process and help with all aspects of planning consent. Our established local knowledge ensures your design is compliant with local building regulations.

Fixed Price Quotation

Following the consultation, the customer receives a detailed quotation of the scope of the renovation, and a cost breakdown. This quotation includes the price of everything, from woodwork and brickwork, to glazing and plumbing. We then work with you to refine the plan, tailoring the project to suit your budget. Remember that this budget is fixed, and that we do not ask a deposit before we begin. You pay in instalments, with the final payment due as we finish the project.

Here For You

Our policy is customer transparency and when our company undertakes your renovation work, we are here to support you every step of the way. Your dedicated point of contact ensures that you will never be left wondering what is going to happen next. If you are considering a building renovation in the Derby area, please call us and book your free consultation today.

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