Applying For Extension Planning Permission – Everything You Need To Know!

Posted by Tim Foster on Apr 4, 2017 4:53:15 PM

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Want to extend but daunted by the idea of gaining planning permission? At BDS Architecture we specialise in providing advice and assistance throughout the planning process to alleviate your concerns. Planning permission doesn’t have to be a headache with the right information to hand. This simple guide covers the basics of planning permission and the support we can provide, so your focus can be on the excitement of your new house extension.

Your Extension May Not Require Planning Permission – We Can Check With Your Local Authority

Whether planning permission is required depends on the size of the proposed extension, on the type of property you are improving and if the property has already been extended previously. The first step is for us to obtain the Permitted Development Rights for your property from your local authority. This will outline the level of work which can be completed without planning permission.

As a general guide under Permitted Development…

Single storey extensions:
  • Detached properties can extend up to 4 metres to the rear.
  • Semi-detached and terraced houses can extend 3 metres to the rear.
Two storey extensions:
  • Build up to the height of the original house and up to 3m deep if the extension is not within 7m of the rear boundary or 2m of the side boundary.
Side Extensions:
  • Single storey side extensions can be up to half the width of the original house.

Each case should be referred to the local planning authority before any work is commenced. If you are unsure you can apply for a certificate of lawful development. This will check the details and confirm if planning is not required.

The Planning Portal is a valuable source of information, covering all the planning regulations surrounding extensions and home improvements. We’d be happy to talk through any questions you may have about gaining planning permission for your ideas.

Applying For Planning Permission

For extensions of a grander design, our expertise and experience will help get your project off the ground swiftly. Our service includes site assessment, architectural project design, assisting with your planning application and liaising with authorities for a positive outcome.

Although we’ll tailor each application to the individual characteristics and requirements of the site, an application usually consists of the following forms:

  • The application form
  • Certificate of ownership
  • The site plan
  • A plan of the existing site, including block plan and elevations
  • A plan of the proposed site, including block plan and elevations
  • A Design and Access Statement
  • Application fees are £172 in England for extensions and home improvement applications, or £385 for a full build application

You’ll also be made aware of any planning conditions, which we will adhere to prior to commencing development. These usually cover practicalities such as matching materials between the new and existing building and the treatment of boundaries. We’re familiar with all the criteria used to judge planning applications and will discuss these with you at the considered design stage.

How Long It Takes To Obtain Planning Permission & Why Not To Worry

Planning permission is granted within 8 weeks from application. Sometimes this period is extended by the local authority if further time is required. However, 75% of planning applications in England are granted first time around. Should your application require any revision to meet additional considerations, we are experienced in dealing sensitively with local authorities. 

Getting Started

Once permission has been granted you have up to three years to commence work, although we’re sure you won’t want to wait that long to start enjoying the benefits of your beautiful new extension!

Our experienced team can navigate the planning process with ease. From design consultation through to build completion, you’ll be supported at every stage, safe in the knowledge that your home improvement will comply with planning and building regulations.

Adding an extension to your home can transform your lifestyle, providing valuable additional living space and the freedom this brings. Click here to download our free e-book for inspiration and advice from our design experts, to help you release the true potential of your home.

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