3D Visualisation for an Extension Design

Posted by Rebecca Foster on Jan 16, 2018 12:21:35 PM
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3D Extension Design - Visualisation for project in Little Eaton 


Little Eaton Renovation and Extension 3D image Idea1.jpg

You may remember we visted our client in Little Eaton back in November 2017 with a view to designing a kitchen extension and redesigning the internal layout to optimise the overall living space. The project has moved on and the initial designs are now completed. The client is currently deciding which design/ layout they prefer. Above is design option 1 which has been created in 3D (CGI) to illustrate how the proposed extension would look in situ.

Little Eaton Renovation and Extension 3D image Idea2.jpg

As the property is about to undergo a significant investment to renovate a forever home, the client decided to comission the 3D images to understand what is achievable! Above is design option 2.

Little Eaton Renovation and Extension 3D image Idea3r1.jpg

The 3D imaging is invaluable when deciding which way to go with your building design and can save a lot of time and money in the long run. The clients are happy with the basic design and interior layout but are considering the the detail of the style of the extension and roof and the final look of the entrance door. Each image shows different entrance designs and also the use of either timber, brick or stone as part of the facade detail. The above option illustrates option 3.


So, What Happens Next? 

The design project has come a long way since November when the client and Tim (the Architectual designer) discussed the project (see photo above). The next stage is for the client to confirm their preferred design, the drawings are then edited and the project can then be submitted to the council for planning permission. Although not a requirement the 3D images are really useful in helping everyone understand the design submitted for the planning application.

I'll be back to update you furher on this project soon!

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Free External 3D Visualisation Drawing

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